How We Buy Diamonds

We buy statistical samples of all diamonds from established vendors, for a regulated commodity using an audited price discovery process.


Upload a private list of diamonds with your best COD price.

  • For next day delivery to your GIA Lab ONLY.

  • Round, 0.23 to 0.75 (soon 1.99) carats, D-L, FL-SI2, EX-VG Cut.

  • Diamonds above $800/ct must already be GIA Graded.

  • Your lists are confidential, and so are our bids.


We instantly buy or bid on some, or all, of your diamonds.

  • We may accept your asking price, or make an instant cash bid.

  • The commodity is not jewelry, we need all types of diamonds.

  • Inclusions welcome, printed GIA paperwork not required.

  • Bids change frequently as we fill our commodity orders.


Accept or Reject our Offer

  • You have 2-5 minutes to decide. Request new bids anytime.

  • Our system generates an instant purchase order.

  • Deliver to your local GIA Lab - they verify that the diamonds match the certs, or grade ungraded diamonds for us.

  • We pay COD, and never return a matching diamond.

Yes, It's Different.

We Buy or Bid Automatically

Upload diamonds, with a price for immediate, COD delivery. Some diamonds we buy at your price, and for others, we make a bid. We buy statistical samples of all diamonds, and our system automatically adjusts our bids. If you accept our bid, we instantly send you a purchase order. We always pay COD after GIA confirmation.

You Deliver Locally

You deliver the diamonds to your GIA Lab by the end of the next business day. They inspect diamonds for us, to confirm that they match the GIA Report. At prices under $800/ct, we buy ungraded diamonds, based on your assertion of quality, and the GIA grades them for us. We pay more for graded diamonds, and ones already in the USA.

COD, No Returns


Once the GIA confirms your diamonds, we pay in full by bank wire. For uncertified diamonds, we pay after grading. Your diamonds must match the quality you asserted. 

We buy diamonds based on the GIA grading report and the price, and never reject a diamond that matches the cert.

Millions of Diamond Types

The Range:


We buy natural diamonds, round shape, 0.23 to 0.75 carats (1.99 ct soon), D to L Color, Flawless to SI2 Clarity, Excellent to VG Cut, Excellent to Good Polish, Excellent to Good Symmetry, None to Light Milky, None to Strong Blue Fluorescence.   

GIA Grading: Diamonds above $800/ct must be GIA certified (any location, any year). We do not need the printed GIA paperwork.  For diamonds below $800/ct, we buy ungraded diamonds based on a quality you assert, and have those diamonds graded by the GIA. We pay more for diamonds already GIA graded.

No Negotiating


We buy thousands of diamonds from hundreds of vendors daily, based strictly on their GIA grades and price. We automatically adjust our prices, and don't negotiate individual purchases.  Throughout the day, as we need a smaller number of specific diamonds, we are more likely to accept your asking price. Our market making system automatically raises our bids to fulfill our statistical sampling requirements. If you hold out, we will likely pay more, but then again, another vendor might offer similar stones and we won't need yours.  

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