Walk Thru the DSE Diamond Buying Process


Upload a private list of diamonds with your best COD price.

  • For next day delivery to your GIA Lab ONLY.

  • Round, 0.23 to 1.99 carats, D-L, FL-SI2, VG Cut or better.

  • Diamonds above $500 must already be GIA Graded.

  • Your lists are confidential, and so are our bids.


We instantly bid on some, or all, of your diamonds.

  • Sometimes we accept your asking price, sometimes we counteroffer.

  • The commodity is not jewelry, we need all types of diamonds.

  • Inclusions welcome, printed GIA paperwork not required.

  • Bids change, as we fill our daily commodity orders.


Accept or Reject our Offer

  • You have two to five minutes to decide. Request a new bid anytime.

  • Our system generates an instant purchase order.

  • Deliver to your local GIA Lab to verify the diamonds match the cert. 

  • We pay COD, and never return a matching diamond.

Hamilton, Bermuda

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