Purchase Order List and Status

On this page, you can review all of your current and recent Purchase Orders, and determine their status. Click on a Purchase Order to see diamond list, and details about the Status Messages.

Status Messages and meaning

Ship Now -- Diamonds are due today or tomorrow

Late -- You did not deliver any of the diamond listed on the Purchase Order.

Short -- One or more diamonds on the purchase order were not delivered as you promised. 

GIA Inspecting -- For previously graded diamonds, depending on the current backlog at your local GIA Lab, inspection will normally take 2 to 3 days. For ungraded diamonds, the GIA Grading will take longer.

Accepted -- Diamonds have been inspected and accepted, and payment by bank wire is pending.

Exception -- One or more diamonds did not match the purchase order

Grade Fail -- One or more diamonds graded by the GIA Lab did not match the quality that you asserted.

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